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The Rosemon Law Firm, PLLC is a Jackson based Mississippi law firm that serves clients throughout the State of Mississippi. Through compassion and a commitment to service, our team is dedicated to providing superior legal services on complex matters involving the common person. We believe that justice should not simply be an abstract idea but a foundational tenet on which society should be able to rely upon and expect.

Unfortunately, justice sometimes hides herself in the deep crevices of our legal system and you need a qualified, compassionate attorney to help you find the justice you deserve. That is why Attorney TreMarcus D. Rosemon founded The Rosemon Law Firm, PLLC – to help those that otherwise would not – find justice.

Through tireless work, we fight for the well-being of our clients from start to finish. Contact us online or at 601-427-8999 to let us fight for you.

“The Rosemon Law Firm. Better Service. Better Results.”

Our Practice Areas

The Rosemon Law Firm specializes in many areas of the law, including: